Dogs of the Dow

Stock Screens

In addition to the official 2019 Dogs of the Dow and Current Doggishness, Dogs of the Dow maintains several tables to illustrate what's moving in the market and highlight potential investment opportunities.

High Dividend Paying Stocks

For a list of companies that have the highest dividend yield regardless of market cap, take a look at Highest Dividend Paying Stocks. For a list of more well-established companies that likely have more resources/staying power try Highest Dividend Paying Large-Cap Stocks and Highest Dividend Paying Mega-Cap Stocks.

Dow Jones Stocks

For a table of the 30 stocks that make up the most famous stock market index of them all along with current performance metrics, take a look at Dow Jones Industrial Average Companies. You can do the same for those other well-known Dow indexes which have several companies that have healthy dividend payouts -- Dow Jones Transportation Average Companies and Dow Jones Utilities Average Companies.

Movers and Shakers

To get a sense of where investors are focusing their investment dollars right now, take a look at Most Active Stocks Today, Biggest Stock Gainers Today, Biggest Stock Losers Today, and Largest Companies by Market Cap Today.