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From here you can read a sampling of comments from fellow Dogs of the Dow investors regarding deep discount brokers (all Top Dog Broker links are listed above). For our list of the best low commission online brokers, take a look at our Top Dog Brokers page and let us know what you think via our Top Dog Brokers Comment Form.

What did we learn from all the feedback we received so far?

1. Higher commission rates do not necessarily equal higher overall customer satisfaction.
After analyzing thousands of survey responses, we found that even though some of the large, more expensive online brokers (such as Charles Schwab & Fidelity) have very good overall customer satisfaction, so too do many of the Top Dog Brokers and at less than half the cost.

2. Even though we believe that any broker which makes it to our exclusive list of Top Dog Brokers is worth your consideration, there are a few that stand out.
    First, what we considered...
    A. Price (see Top Dog Brokers)
    B. The latest results from the Dogs of the Dow Broker Survey. The survey gave us an indication of overall customer satisfaction and market share. We feel that market share is an important indication of staying power. We don't want to go through the trouble of opening an account to later find that our broker is closing up shop. FYI - You can get the latest results from the Dogs of the Dow Broker Survey by signing up to the Dogs of the Dow Newsletter.
    C. Top Dog Brokers Feedback

Our grand conclusion...
With low commissions, high customer satisfaction, significant market share, and no inactivity fees to boot; Scottrade stood above the rest. However, competition in the online brokerage arena is fierce (just the way we like it) and as a result we have one honorable mention -- Fidelity Investments. While Fidelity does have slightly higher stock commissions, they also have high customer satisfaction, significant market share as well as a solid offering of services and research tools.

We believe that any Dogs of the Dow investor who is either unhappy with their current broker or just looking for a better deal would do well to take a look at what Scottrade (as well as Fidelity) has to offer. As always, we will keep poring over everyone's feedback and let you know the instant a great deal can be found. Stay tuned...

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