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Stock Symbols List - W

Here you'll find a stock symbols list of all companies traded on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ that begin with the letter W. Simply click on a company name or stock symbol and you will be presented with stock charts, quotes and data for that company.

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Company Name Symbol URL
W&T Offshore WTI http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wti.htm
W. P. Carey WPC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wpc.htm
W.R. Berkley WRB http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wrb.htm
W.R. Grace GRA http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/gra.htm
W.W. Grainger GWW http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/gww.htm
Wabash National WNC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wnc.htm
WABCO WBC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wbc.htm
Waddell & Reed Financial WDR http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wdr.htm
WageWorks WAGE http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wage.htm
Walgreen WAG http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wag.htm
Walker & Dunlop WD http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wd.htm
Wal-Mart Stores WMT http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wmt.htm
Walt Disney DIS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/dis.htm
Walter Energy WLT http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wlt.htm
Walter Investment Management WAC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wac.htm
Warner Chilcott WCRX http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wcrx.htm
Warren Resources WRES http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wres.htm
Washington Banking WBCO http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wbco.htm
Washington Federal WAFD http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wafd.htm
Washington Federal WAFDW http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wafdw.htm
Washington Post WPO http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wpo.htm
Washington Real Estate Investment Trust WRE http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wre.htm
Washington Trust Bancorp WASH http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wash.htm
WashingtonFirst Bankshares WFBI http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wfbi.htm
Waste Connections WCN http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wcn.htm
Waste Management WM http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wm.htm
Waters WAT http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wat.htm
Waterstone Financial WSBF http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wsbf.htm
Watsco WSO http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wso.htm
Watsco WSO-B http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wso-b.htm
Watts Water Technologies WTS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wts.htm
Wausau Paper WPP http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wpp.htm
Wave Systems WAVX http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wavx.htm
Wayne Savings Bancshares WAYN http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wayn.htm
Wayside Technology WSTG http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wstg.htm
WCI Communities WCIC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wcic.htm
WD-40 WDFC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wdfc.htm
Weatherford WFT http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wft.htm
Web.com WWWW http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wwww.htm
WebMD Health WBMD http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wbmd.htm
Webster Financial WBS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wbs.htm
Weight Watchers WTW http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wtw.htm
Weingarten Realty Investors WRD http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wrd.htm
Weingarten Realty Investors WRI http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wri.htm
Weis Markets WMK http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wmk.htm
WellCare Health Plans WCG http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wcg.htm
Wellesley Bancorp WEBK http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/webk.htm
WellPoint WLP http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wlp.htm
Wells Fargo WFC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wfc.htm
Wells Fargo Adv Multi-Sec Inc Common ERC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/erc.htm
Werner Enterprises WERN http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wern.htm
WesBanco WSBC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wsbc.htm
WESCO WCC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wcc.htm
Wesco Aircraft WAIR http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wair.htm
West Bancorp. WTBA http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wtba.htm
West Marine WMAR http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wmar.htm
West Pharmaceutical Services WST http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wst.htm
Westamerica Bancorp. WABC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wabc.htm
Westar Energy WR http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wr.htm
Westell Technologies WSTL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wstl.htm
Western Alliance Bancorporation WAL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wal.htm
Western Asset Emerg Mkts Inc Common EMD http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/emd.htm
Western Asset Glb Corp Def Opp Common GDO http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/gdo.htm
Western Asset Global High Income Fund EHI http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/ehi.htm
Western Asset Global Partners Income Fund GDF http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/gdf.htm
Western Asset High Inc Fund II Common HIX http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/hix.htm
Western Asset High Income Opp Common HIO http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/hio.htm
Western Asset High Yld Def Opp Common HYI http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/hyi.htm
Western Asset IG Defined Opp Common IGI http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/igi.htm
Western Asset Income Fund PAI http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/pai.htm
Western Asset Inflation Manage Common IMF http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/imf.htm
Western Asset Intermediate Mun Common SBI http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/sbi.htm
Western Asset Managed High Inc Common MHY http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/mhy.htm
Western Asset Managed Muni Common MMU http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/mmu.htm
Western Asset Mortgage Capital WMC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wmc.htm
Western Asset Mortgage Def Opp Common DMO http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/dmo.htm
Western Asset Muni Defined Opp Common MTT http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/mtt.htm
Western Asset Muni High Income Common MHF http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/mhf.htm
Western Asset Municipal Part Common MNP http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/mnp.htm
Western Asset Premier Bond Common WEA http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wea.htm
Western Asset Variable Rate Strategic Fund GFY http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/gfy.htm
Western Asset Worldwide Income Common SBW http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/sbw.htm
Western Asset/Claymore Inflation-Linked Sec. WIA http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wia.htm
Western Copper and Gold WRN http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wrn.htm
Western Digital WDC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wdc.htm
Western Gas Equity Partners WGP http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wgp.htm
Western Gas Partners WES http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wes.htm
Western Refining WNR http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wnr.htm
Western Union WU http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wu.htm
Western/Claymore Infl-Lnk Opps Common WIW http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wiw.htm
Wet Seal WTSL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wtsl.htm
Weyerhaeuser WY http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wy.htm
WGL WGL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wgl.htm
Wheeler Real Estate Investment Trust WHLR http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/whlr.htm
Whirlpool WHR http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/whr.htm
White Mountains Insurance WTM http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wtm.htm
WhiteHorse Finance WHF http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/whf.htm
WhiteHorse Finance WHFBL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/whfbl.htm
Whitestone REIT WSR http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wsr.htm
WhiteWave Foods WWAV http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wwav.htm
WhiteWave Foods WWAV-B http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wwav-b.htm
Whiting Petroleum WLL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wll.htm
Whiting USA Trust I WHX http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/whx.htm
Whiting USA Trust II WHZ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/whz.htm
Whole Foods Market WFM http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wfm.htm
WidePoint WYY http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wyy.htm
Wi-Lan WILN http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wiln.htm
Willamette Valley Vineyards WVVI http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wvvi.htm
Willbros WG http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wg.htm
Willdan WLDN http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wldn.htm
William Lyon Homes WLH http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wlh.htm
Williams WMB http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wmb.htm
Williams Partners WPZ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wpz.htm
Williams-Sonoma WSM http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wsm.htm
Willis Group Holdings Public Limited WSH http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wsh.htm
Willis Lease Finance WLFC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wlfc.htm
Wilshire Bancorp WIBC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wibc.htm
Windstream WIN http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/win.htm
Winmark WINA http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wina.htm
Winnebago Industries WGO http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wgo.htm
Winthrop Realty Trust FUR http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/fur.htm
Winthrop Realty Trust WRT http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wrt.htm
Wintrust Financial WTFC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wtfc.htm
Wintrust Financial WTFCW http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wtfcw.htm
Wipro WIT http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wit.htm
Wireless Telecom WTT http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wtt.htm
Wisconsin Energy WEC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wec.htm
WisdomTree China Dividend ex-Fincls CHXF http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/chxf.htm
WisdomTree Global Corporate Bond GLCB http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/glcb.htm
WisdomTree Investments WETF http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wetf.htm
WisdomTree Japan Hedged SmallCap Equity DXJS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/dxjs.htm
WisdomTree Trust WisdomTree Emerging Ma DGRE http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/dgre.htm
WisdomTree Trust WisdomTree U.S. SmallC DGRS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/dgrs.htm
WisdomTree United Kingdom Hedged Equity DXPS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/dxps.htm
WisdomTree US Dividend Growth DGRW http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/dgrw.htm
WMS Industries WMS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wms.htm
WNS (Holdings) WNS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wns.htm
Wolverine Bancorp WBKC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wbkc.htm
Wolverine World Wide WWW http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/www.htm
Woodward WWD http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wwd.htm
Woori Finance WF http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wf.htm
Workday WDAY http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wday.htm
World Acceptance WRLD http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wrld.htm
World Energy Solutions XWES http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/xwes.htm
World Fuel Services INT http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/int.htm
World Point Terminals WPT http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wpt.htm
World Wrestling Entertainment WWE http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wwe.htm
Worthington Industries WOR http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wor.htm
WPCS WPCS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wpcs.htm
WPP WPPGY http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wppgy.htm
WPX Energy WPX http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wpx.htm
Wright Medical WMGI http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wmgi.htm
Wright Medical WMGIZ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wmgiz.htm
WSFS Financial WSFS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wsfs.htm
WSFS Financial WSFSL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wsfsl.htm
WSI Industries WSCI http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wsci.htm
WSP WH http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wh.htm
WuXi PharmaTech WX http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wx.htm
WVS Financial WVFC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wvfc.htm
Wyndham Worldwide WYN http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wyn.htm
Wynn Resorts WYNN http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/wynn.htm
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