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Stock Symbols List - K

Here you'll find a stock symbols list of all companies traded on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ that begin with the letter K. Simply click on a company name or stock symbol and you will be presented with stock charts, quotes and data for that company.

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Company Name Symbol URL
K12 LRN http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/lrn.htm
Kadant KAI http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kai.htm
Kaiser Aluminum KALU http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kalu.htm
KaloBios Pharmaceuticals KBIO http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kbio.htm
Kamada KMDA http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kmda.htm
Kaman KAMN http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kamn.htm
Kandi Technolgies KNDI http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kndi.htm
Kansas City Life Insurance KCLI http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kcli.htm
Kansas City Southern KSU http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/ksu.htm
KapStone Paper and Packaging KS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/ks.htm
KAR Auction Services KAR http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kar.htm
Kaydon KDN http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kdn.htm
Kayne Anderson Energy Dev Co Common KED http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/ked.htm
Kayne Anderson Energy TR Common KYE http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kye.htm
Kayne Anderson MidstreamEnergy Common KMF http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kmf.htm
Kayne Anderson MLP Common KYN http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kyn.htm
KB Financial KB http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kb.htm
KB Home KBH http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kbh.htm
KBR KBR http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kbr.htm
KCAP Financial KAP http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kap.htm
KCAP Financial KCAP http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kcap.htm
KCG KCG http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kcg.htm
Kearny Financial KRNY http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/krny.htm
Keating Capital KIPO http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kipo.htm
Kellogg K http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/k.htm
Kelly Services KELYA http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kelya.htm
Kelly Services KELYB http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kelyb.htm
KEMET KEM http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kem.htm
Kemper KMPR http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kmpr.htm
Kennametal KMT http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kmt.htm
Kennedy-Wilson KW http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kw.htm
Kennedy-Wilson KWN http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kwn.htm
Kentucky First Federal Bancorp KFFB http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kffb.htm
Keryx Biopharmaceuticals KERX http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kerx.htm
Kewaunee Scientific KEQU http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kequ.htm
Key Energy Services KEG http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/keg.htm
Key Technology KTEC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/ktec.htm
Key Tronic KTCC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/ktcc.htm
KeyCorp. KEY http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/key.htm
Keynote Systems KEYN http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/keyn.htm
KEYW KEYW http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/keyw.htm
Kforce KFRC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kfrc.htm
Kid Brands KID http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kid.htm
Kilroy Realty KRC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/krc.htm
Kimball KBALB http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kbalb.htm
Kimberly-Clark KMB http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kmb.htm
Kimco Realty KIM http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kim.htm
Kinder Morgan KMI http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kmi.htm
Kinder Morgan Energy Partners KMP http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kmp.htm
Kinder Morgan Management KMR http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kmr.htm
Kindred Healthcare KND http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/knd.htm
Kingold Jewelry KGJI http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kgji.htm
Kingstone KINS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kins.htm
Kingsway Financial Services KFS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kfs.htm
Kingtone Wirelessinfo Solution KONE http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kone.htm
Kinross Gold KGC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kgc.htm
KiOR KIOR http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kior.htm
Kips Bay Medical KIPS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kips.htm
Kirby KEX http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kex.htm
Kirklands KIRK http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kirk.htm
Kite Realty Group Trust KRG http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/krg.htm
KKR Financial KFH http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kfh.htm
KKR Financial KFI http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kfi.htm
KKR Financial KFN http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kfn.htm
KKR Income Opportunities Fund KIO http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kio.htm
KLA-Tencor KLAC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/klac.htm
KMG Chemicals KMG http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kmg.htm
Knight Transportation KNX http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/knx.htm
Knightsbridge Tankers VLCCF http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/vlccf.htm
Knoll KNL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/knl.htm
KNOT Offshore Partners KNOP http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/knop.htm
Kodiak Oil & Gas KOG http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kog.htm
Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. KKR http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kkr.htm
Kohls KSS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kss.htm
Kona Grill KONA http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kona.htm
Konami KNM http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/knm.htm
Kongzhong KONG http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kong.htm
Koninklijke Philips N.V PHG http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/phg.htm
Kopin KOPN http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kopn.htm
Koppers KOP http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kop.htm
Korea Electric Power KEP http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kep.htm
Korea Equity Fund Common KEF http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kef.htm
Korea Fund KF http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kf.htm
Korn/Ferry KFY http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kfy.htm
Kosmos Energy KOS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kos.htm
Koss KOSS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/koss.htm
Kraft Foods KRFT http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/krft.htm
KraneShares CSI China Five Year Plan ETF KFYP http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kfyp.htm
KraneShares CSI China Internet ETF KWEB http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kweb.htm
Kraton Performance Polymers KRA http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kra.htm
Kratos Defense & Security Solutions KTOS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/ktos.htm
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts KKD http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kkd.htm
Kroger KR http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kr.htm
Kronos Worldwide KRO http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kro.htm
KT KT http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kt.htm
Ku6 Media KUTV http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kutv.htm
Kulicke and Soffa Industries KLIC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/klic.htm
KVH Industries KVHI http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kvhi.htm
Kyocera KYO http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kyo.htm
Kythera Biopharmaceuticals KYTH http://www.dogsofthedow.com/stock/kyth.htm
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