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Dogs of the Dow Glossary  

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The following is a list of common investment-related terms. If there is a term that you believe should be added to our investor glossary, let us know.

Common Investment Terms
Accumulated Dividend Dividend Declaration Date January Barometer
Ask Price Dividend Exclusion January Effect
Asset Allocation Dividend Frequency Large-Cap Stocks
Bear Market Dividend Growth Limit Order
Bearish Dividend Payment Date Market Order
Bellwether Stocks Dividend Payout Ratio Mutual Funds
Bid Price Dividend Per Share New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
Blue Chip Stocks Dividend Policy Odd Lot
Brokerage Account Dividend Record Date Online Stock Broker
Brokerage Commissions Dividend Reinvestment PE Ratio
Brokerage Firm Dividend Reinvestment Plan Portfolio Diversification
Bull Market Dividend Yield Price to Book Ratio
Bullish Dogs of the Dow Price to Earnings Ratio
Business Cycle Dollar Cost Averaging Price-Weighted Index
Buy and Hold Double Taxation Sentiment Indicators
Capital Dividend Dow Components Standard and Poor's 500 Index - S&P 500
Capitalization-Weighted Index Dow Divisor Stock Certificate
Cash Dividend Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) Stock Market
Common Stocks Earnings Stock Market Crash
Constructive Dividend Earnings Yield Stock Market Indicators
Contrarian Investing EBITDA Stock Market Newsletter
Cum Dividend Economic Indicators Stock Market Timing
Cyclical Stocks ETF Stocks
Deep Discount Broker Ex-Dividend Date Undervalued
Defensive Stocks Forward Earnings Value Investing
Dividend Growth Stocks Value Stocks
Dividend Aristocrat Individual Retirement Account Wall Street

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