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ETF Symbols List - U

Here you'll find a stock symbols list of all companies traded on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ that begin with the letter U. Simply click on a company name or stock symbol and you will be presented with ETF charts, quotes and data for that ETF.

ETF Symbols List - # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

ETF Name Symbol URL
U.S. 500 Enhanced Volatility Weighted Index ETF CFO http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/cfo.htm
U.S. 500 Volatility Weighted Index ETF CFA http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/cfa.htm
U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF SCHZ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/schz.htm
U.S. Broad Market ETF SCHB http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/schb.htm
U.S. Discovery 500 Enhanced Volatility Weighted Index ETF CSF http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/csf.htm
U.S. Dividend Growth Fund DGRW http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dgrw.htm
U.S. EQ Income 100 Enhanced Volatility Weighted Index ETF CDC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/cdc.htm
U.S. Equity Rotation Strategy ETF HUSE http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/huse.htm
U.S. Global Jets ETF JETS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/jets.htm
U.S. Large-Cap ETF SCHX http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/schx.htm
U.S. Large-Cap Growth ETF SCHG http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/schg.htm
U.S. Large-Cap Value ETF SCHV http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/schv.htm
U.S. Market Neutral Anti-Beta Fund BTAL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/btal.htm
U.S. Market Neutral Momentum Fund MOM http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/mom.htm
U.S. Market Neutral Size Fund SIZ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/siz.htm
U.S. Market Neutral Value Fund CHEP http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/chep.htm
U.S. Mid-Cap ETF SCHM http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/schm.htm
U.S. Quantitative Value ETF QVAL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/qval.htm
U.S. REIT ETF SCHH http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/schh.htm
U.S. Small-Cap ETF SCHA http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/scha.htm
U.S. TIPS ETF SCHP http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/schp.htm
UBS AG FI Enhanced Large Cap Growth ETN FBGX http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/fbgx.htm
Ultra 20+ Year Treasury UBT http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/ubt.htm
Ultra 7-10 Year Treasury UST http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/ust.htm
Ultra Australian Dollar GDAY http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/gday.htm
Ultra Basic Materials UYM http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/uym.htm
Ultra Consumer Goods UGE http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/uge.htm
Ultra Consumer Services UCC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/ucc.htm
Ultra Dividend Fund RDIV http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/rdiv.htm
Ultra DJ-UBS Commodity UCD http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/ucd.htm
Ultra DJ-UBS Crude Oil UCO http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/uco.htm
Ultra DJ-UBS Natural Gas BOIL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/boil.htm
Ultra Dow30 DDM http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/ddm.htm
Ultra Euro ULE http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/ule.htm
Ultra Financials UYG http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/uyg.htm
Ultra FTSE/Xinhua China 25 XPP http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/xpp.htm
Ultra Gold UGL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/ugl.htm
Ultra Health Care RXL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/rxl.htm
Ultra High Yield UJB http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/ujb.htm
Ultra Homebuilders & Supplies HBU http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/hbu.htm
Ultra Industrials UXI http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/uxi.htm
Ultra Inv. Grade Corp. IGU http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/igu.htm
Ultra Junior Miners GDJJ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/gdjj.htm
Ultra KBW Regional Banking KRU http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/kru.htm
Ultra MidCap400 MVV http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/mvv.htm
Ultra MSCI Brazil UBR http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/ubr.htm
Ultra MSCI EAFE EFO http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/efo.htm
Ultra MSCI Emerging Markets EET http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/eet.htm
Ultra MSCI Europe UPV http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/upv.htm
Ultra MSCI Japan EZJ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/ezj.htm
Ultra MSCI Mexico Investable Market UMX http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/umx.htm
Ultra MSCI Pacific ex-Japan UXJ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/uxj.htm
Ultra Nasdaq Biotechnology BIB http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/bib.htm
Ultra Oil & Gas DIG http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dig.htm
Ultra Oil & Gas Exploration & Production UOP http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/uop.htm
Ultra QQQ QLD http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/qld.htm
Ultra Real Estate URE http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/ure.htm
Ultra Russell2000 UWM http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/uwm.htm
Ultra S&P500 SSO http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/sso.htm
Ultra Semiconductors USD http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/usd.htm
Ultra Silver AGQ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/agq.htm
Ultra SmallCap600 SAA http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/saa.htm
Ultra Technology ROM http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/rom.htm
Ultra Telecommunications ProShares LTL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/ltl.htm
Ultra Utilities UPW http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/upw.htm
Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures ETF UVXY http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/uvxy.htm
Ultra Yen YCL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/ycl.htm
UltraPro Dow30 UDOW http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/udow.htm
UltraPro Financials FINU http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/finu.htm
UltraPro MidCap400 UMDD http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/umdd.htm
UltraPro NASDAQ Biotechnology UBIO http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/ubio.htm
UltraPro QQQ TQQQ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/tqqq.htm
UltraPro Russell2000 URTY http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/urty.htm
UltraPro S&P 500 UPRO http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/upro.htm
UltraPro Short 20+ Year Treasury TTT http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/ttt.htm
UltraPro Short Dow30 SDOW http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/sdow.htm
UltraPro Short Financials FINZ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/finz.htm
UltraPro Short MidCap400 SMDD http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/smdd.htm
UltraPro Short NASDAQ Biotechnology ZBIO http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/zbio.htm
UltraPro Short QQQ SQQQ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/sqqq.htm
UltraPro Short Russell2000 SRTY http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/srty.htm
UltraPro Short S&P500 SPXU http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/spxu.htm
UltraShort 3-7 Year Treasury TBZ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/tbz.htm
UltraShort Australian Dollar CROC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/croc.htm
UltraShort Barclays 20+ Year Treasury TBT http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/tbt.htm
UltraShort Barclays 7-10 Year Treasury PST http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/pst.htm
UltraShort Basic Materials SMN http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/smn.htm
UltraShort Consumer Goods SZK http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/szk.htm
UltraShort Consumer Services SCC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/scc.htm
UltraShort DJ-UBS Commodity CMD http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/cmd.htm
UltraShort DJ-UBS Crude Oil SCO http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/sco.htm
UltraShort DJ-UBS Natural Gas KOLD http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/kold.htm
UltraShort Dow30 DXD http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dxd.htm
UltraShort Euro EUO http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/euo.htm
UltraShort Financials SKF http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/skf.htm
Ultrashort FTSE/Xinhua China FXP http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/fxp.htm
UltraShort Gold GLL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/gll.htm
UltraShort Health Care RXD http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/rxd.htm
UltraShort Homebuilders & Supplies HBZ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/hbz.htm
UltraShort Industrials SIJ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/sij.htm
UltraShort Junior Miners GDJS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/gdjs.htm
UltraShort MidCap400 MZZ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/mzz.htm
UltraShort MSCI Brazil BZQ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/bzq.htm
UltraShort MSCI EAFE EFU http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/efu.htm
UltraShort MSCI Emerging Markets EEV http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/eev.htm
UltraShort MSCI Europe ETF EPV http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/epv.htm
UltraShort MSCI Japan EWV http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/ewv.htm
UltraShort MSCI Mexico SMK http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/smk.htm
UltraShort MSCI Pacific ex-Japan JPX http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/jpx.htm
UltraShort Nasdaq Biotechnology BIS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/bis.htm
UltraShort Oil & Gas DUG http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dug.htm
UltraShort Oil & Gas Exploration & Production SOP http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/sop.htm
UltraShort QQQ QID http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/qid.htm
UltraShort Real Estate SRS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/srs.htm
UltraShort Russell2000 TWM http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/twm.htm
UltraShort S&P500 SDS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/sds.htm
UltraShort Semiconductors SSG http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/ssg.htm
UltraShort Silver ZSL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/zsl.htm
UltraShort SmallCap600 SDD http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/sdd.htm
UltraShort Technology REW http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/rew.htm
UltraShort Telecommunications TLL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/tll.htm
UltraShort TIPS TPS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/tps.htm
UltraShort Utilities SDP http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/sdp.htm
UltraShort Yen YCS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/ycs.htm
United Kingdom AlphaDEX Fund FKU http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/fku.htm
United States 12 Month Natural Gas Fund UNL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/unl.htm
United States 12 Month Oil USL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/usl.htm
United States Agriculture Index Fund USAG http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/usag.htm
United States Brent Oil Fund BNO http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/bno.htm
United States Commodity Index Fund USCI http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/usci.htm
United States Copper Index Fund CPER http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/cper.htm
United States Diesel Heating Oil Fund UHN http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/uhn.htm
United States Gasoline Fund LP UGA http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/uga.htm
United States Metals Index Fund USMI http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/usmi.htm
United States Natural Gas Fund LP UNG http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/ung.htm
United States Oil Fund USO http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/uso.htm
United States Short Oil Fund DNO http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dno.htm
Uranium ETF URA http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/ura.htm
US Dividend Equity ETF SCHD http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/schd.htm
US Equity High Volatility Put Write Index Fund HVPW http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/hvpw.htm
US Equity Strategy ETF ROUS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/rous.htm
US Large Cap Alternator ETN ALTL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/altl.htm
US Large Cap Trendpilot ETN TRND http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/trnd.htm
US Mid Cap Trendpilot ETN TRNM http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/trnm.htm
US Treasury 10-Year Bear ETN DTYS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dtys.htm
US Treasury 10-Year Bull ETN DTYL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dtyl.htm
US Treasury 2-Year Bear ETN DTUS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dtus.htm
US Treasury 2-Year Bull ETN DTUL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dtul.htm
US Treasury 5-year Bear ETN DFVS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dfvs.htm
US Treasury 5-year Bull ETN DFVL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dfvl.htm
US Treasury Flattener ETN FLAT http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/flat.htm
US Treasury Long Bond Bear ETN DLBS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dlbs.htm
US Treasury Long Bond Bull ETN DLBL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dlbl.htm
US Treasury Steepener ETN STPP http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/stpp.htm
USD Covered Bond COBO http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/cobo.htm
Utilities AlphaDEX Fund FXU http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/fxu.htm
Utilities ETF VPU http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/vpu.htm
Utilities Select Sector SPDR XLU http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/xlu.htm
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