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Dogs of the Dow - Dividend stocks / High dividend yield stocks

ETF Symbols List - D

Here you'll find a stock symbols list of all companies traded on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ that begin with the letter D. Simply click on a company name or stock symbol and you will be presented with ETF charts, quotes and data for that ETF.

ETF Symbols List - # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

ETF Name Symbol URL
Daily 20 Year Plus Treasury Bear 1x Shares TYBS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/tybs.htm
Daily 20 Year Plus Treasury Bear 3x Shares TMV http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/tmv.htm
Daily 20 Year Plus Treasury Bull 3x Shares TMF http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/tmf.htm
Daily 2x VIX Medium-Term ETN TVIZ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/tviz.htm
Daily 2x VIX Short-Term ETN TVIX http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/tvix.htm
Daily 7-10 Year Treasury Bear 1x Shares TYNS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/tyns.htm
Daily 7-10 Year Treasury Bear 3x Shares TYO http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/tyo.htm
Daily 7-10 Year Treasury Bull 2x Shares SYTL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/sytl.htm
Daily 7-10 Year Treasury Bull 3x Shares TYD http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/tyd.htm
Daily Basic Materials Bull 3X Shares MATL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/matl.htm
Daily China Bear 3x Shares YANG http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/yang.htm
Daily China Bull 3x Shares YINN http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/yinn.htm
Daily CSI 300 China A Share Bear 1x Shares CHAD http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/chad.htm
Daily CSI 300 China A Share Bull 2x Shares CHAU http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/chau.htm
Daily Developed Markets Bear 3x Shares DPK http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dpk.htm
Daily Developed Markets Bull 3x Shares DZK http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dzk.htm
Daily Emerging Markets Bear 3X Shares EDZ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/edz.htm
Daily Emerging Markets Bull 3X Shares EDC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/edc.htm
Daily Energy Bear 3X Shares ERY http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/ery.htm
Daily Energy Bull 3X Shares ERX http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/erx.htm
Daily Financial Bear 3X Shares FAZ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/faz.htm
Daily Financial Bull 3X Shares FAS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/fas.htm
Daily FTSE Developed Markets Bull 1.25x Shares LLDM http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/lldm.htm
Daily FTSE Emerging Markets Bull 1.25x Shares LLEM http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/llem.htm
Daily Gold Bear 3x Shares BARS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/bars.htm
Daily Gold Miners Bear 3x Shares DUST http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dust.htm
Daily Gold Miners Bull 3x Shares NUGT http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/nugt.htm
Daily Healthcare Bull 3X Shares CURE http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/cure.htm
Daily India Bull 2x Shares INDL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/indl.htm
Daily Inverse VIX Medium-Term ETN ZIV http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/ziv.htm
Daily Inverse VIX Short-Term ETN XIV http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/xiv.htm
Daily Junior Gold Miners Index Bear 3x Shares JDST http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/jdst.htm
Daily Junior Gold Miners Index Bull 3x Shares JNUG http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/jnug.htm
Daily Latin America 3x Bull Shares LBJ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/lbj.htm
Daily Mid Cap Bear 3x Shares MIDZ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/midz.htm
Daily Mid Cap Bull 2x Shares MDLL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/mdll.htm
Daily Mid Cap Bull 3x Shares MIDU http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/midu.htm
Daily MSCI Europe Currency Hedged Bull 2x Shares HEGE http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/hege.htm
Daily MSCI Japan Currency Hedged Bull 2x Shares HEGJ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/hegj.htm
Daily Natural Gas Related Bull 3x Shares GASL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/gasl.htm
Daily Real Estate Bear 3x Shares DRV http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/drv.htm
Daily Real Estate Bull 3x Shares DRN http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/drn.htm
Daily Retail Bull 3x Shares RETL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/retl.htm
Daily Russia Bear 3x Shares RUSS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/russ.htm
Daily Russia Bull 3x Shares RUSL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/rusl.htm
Daily S&P 500 Bear 3x Shares SPXS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/spxs.htm
Daily S&P 500 Bull 1.25x Shares LLSP http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/llsp.htm
Daily S&P 500 Bull 2x ETF SPUU http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/spuu.htm
Daily S&P 500 Bull 3x Shares SPXL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/spxl.htm
Daily S&P Biotech Bear 3x Shares LABD http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/labd.htm
Daily S&P Biotech Bull 3x Shares LABU http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/labu.htm
Daily S&P Oil & Gas Exp. & Prod. Bear 3x Shares DRIP http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/drip.htm
Daily S&P Oil & Gas Exp. & Prod. Bull 3x Shares GUSH http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/gush.htm
Daily Semiconductor Bear 3x Shares SOXS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/soxs.htm
Daily Semiconductor Bull 3x Shares SOXL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/soxl.htm
Daily Small Cap Bear 3X Shares TZA http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/tza.htm
Daily Small Cap Bull 1.25x Shares LLSC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/llsc.htm
Daily Small Cap Bull 3X Shares TNA http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/tna.htm
Daily Technology Bear 3x Shares TECS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/tecs.htm
Daily Technology Bull 3x Shares TECL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/tecl.htm
Daily Total Bond Market Bear 1x Shares SAGG http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/sagg.htm
Daily Total Market Bear 1X Shares TOTS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/tots.htm
DB 3x Inverse Japanese Gov. Bond Futures ETN JGBD http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/jgbd.htm
DB 3x Italian Treasury Bond Futures ETN ITLT http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/itlt.htm
DB 3x Japanese Gov. Bond Futures ETN JGBT http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/jgbt.htm
DB Agriculture Double Long ETN DAG http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dag.htm
DB Agriculture Double Short ETN AGA http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/aga.htm
DB Agriculture Fund DBA http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dba.htm
DB Agriculture Long ETN AGF http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/agf.htm
DB Agriculture Short ETN ADZ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/adz.htm
DB Base Metals Dble Long ETN BDD http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/bdd.htm
DB Base Metals Dble Shrt ETN BOM http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/bom.htm
DB Base Metals Fund DBB http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dbb.htm
DB Base Metals Long ETN BDG http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/bdg.htm
DB Base Metals Short ETN BOS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/bos.htm
DB Commodity Double Long ETN DYY http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dyy.htm
DB Commodity Double Short ETN DEE http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dee.htm
DB Commodity Index Tracking Fund DBC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dbc.htm
DB Commodity Long ETN DPU http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dpu.htm
DB Commodity Short ETN DDP http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/ddp.htm
DB Crude Oil Dble Short ETN DTO http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dto.htm
DB Crude Oil Long ETN OLO http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/olo.htm
DB Crude Oil Short ETN SZO http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/szo.htm
DB Energy Fund DBE http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dbe.htm
DB G10 Currency Harvest DBV http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dbv.htm
DB German Bund Futures ETN BUNL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/bunl.htm
DB Gold Double Long ETN DGP http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dgp.htm
DB Gold Double Short ETN DZZ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dzz.htm
DB Gold Fund DGL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dgl.htm
DB Gold Short ETN DGZ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dgz.htm
DB Inverse Japanese Gov. Bond Futures ETN JGBS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/jgbs.htm
DB Italian Treasury Bond Futures ETN ITLY http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/itly.htm
DB Japanese Gov. Bond Futures ETN JGBL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/jgbl.htm
DB Oil Fund DBO http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dbo.htm
DB Optimum Yield Diversified Commodity Strategy Portfolio PDBC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/pdbc.htm
DB Precious Metals Fund DBP http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dbp.htm
DB Silver Fund DBS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dbs.htm
DB US Deflation ETN DEFL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/defl.htm
DB US Inflation ETN INFL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/infl.htm
DB USD Index Bearish UDN http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/udn.htm
DB USD Index Bullish UUP http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/uup.htm
db X-trackers 2020 Target Date ETF TDH http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/tdh.htm
db X-trackers Harvest CSI 300 China A-Shares Fund ASHR http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/ashr.htm
db X-trackers Harvest CSI 500 China-A Shares Small Cap Fund ASHS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/ashs.htm
db X-trackers MSCI All World ex US Hedged Equity Fund DBAW http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dbaw.htm
db X-trackers MSCI Germany Hedged Equity Fund DBGR http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dbgr.htm
db X-trackers MSCI Mexico Hedged Equity Fund DBMX http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dbmx.htm
db X-trackers MSCI South Korea Hedged Equity Fund DBKO http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dbko.htm
db X-trackers Municipal Infrastructure Revenue Bond Fund RVNU http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/rvnu.htm
db X-trackers Regulated Utilities Fund UTLT http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/utlt.htm
db-X 2010 Target Date Fund TDD http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/tdd.htm
db-X 2030 Target Date Fund TDN http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/tdn.htm
db-X 2040 Target Date Fund TDV http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/tdv.htm
db-X In-Target Date Fund TDX http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/tdx.htm
Dec 2016 Corp. Term ETF IBDF http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/ibdf.htm
Dec 2018 Corp. Term ETF IBDH http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/ibdh.htm
Deep Value ETF DVP http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dvp.htm
DEFA Fund DWM http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dwm.htm
DEFA High-Yielding Equity Fund DTH http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dth.htm
Defensive Equity ETF DEF http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/def.htm
Deutsche X-trackers MSCI EMU Hedged Equity ETF DBEZ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dbez.htm
Developed Markets (ex-US) Strategy ETF RODM http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/rodm.htm
Developed Markets Ex-US AlphaDEX Fund FDT http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/fdt.htm
Developed Markets ex-US Small Cap AlphaDEX Fund FDTS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/fdts.htm
Direxion Daily Brazil Bull 3x Shares BRZU http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/brzu.htm
Direxion S&P 500 RC Volatility Response Shares VSPY http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/vspy.htm
Disciplined Duration MBS Index Fund MBSD http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/mbsd.htm
Diversified Return Emerging Markets Equity ETF JPEM http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/jpem.htm
Diversified Return Global Equity ETF JPGE http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/jpge.htm
Diversified-Factor Developed Europe Index Fund SBEU http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/sbeu.htm
Diversified-Factor U.S. Large Cap Index Fund SBUS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/sbus.htm
Dividend Achievers PFM http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/pfm.htm
Dividend Appreciation ETF VIG http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/vig.htm
Dividend ex-Financials Fund DTN http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dtn.htm
DIVS ETF DIVY http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/divy.htm
DJ Brookfield Global Infrastructure ETF TOLZ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/tolz.htm
DJ Global Select Dividend Index Fund FGD http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/fgd.htm
DJ High Yield Select 10 ETN DOD http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dod.htm
DJ Internet Index Fund FDN http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/fdn.htm
DJ Select MicroCap Index Fund FDM http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/fdm.htm
DJ UBS Platinum Trust Sub-Index ETN PGM http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/pgm.htm
DJ-UBS Agriculture Subindex Total Return ETN JJA http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/jja.htm
DJ-UBS Commodity Index Total Return ETN DJCI http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/djci.htm
DJ-UBS Copper Total Return Sub-Index ETN JJC http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/jjc.htm
DJ-UBS Energy Total Return Sub-Index ETN JJE http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/jje.htm
DJ-UBS Grains Total Return Sub-Index ETN JJG http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/jjg.htm
DJ-UBS Industrial Metals Total Return Sub-Index ETN JJM http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/jjm.htm
DJ-UBS Livestock Total Return Sub-Index ETN COW http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/cow.htm
DJ-UBS Natural Gas Subindex Total Return ETN GAZ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/gaz.htm
DJ-UBS Nickel Total Return Sub-Index ETN JJN http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/jjn.htm
Dorsey Wright Focus 5 ETF FV http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/fv.htm
Dorsey Wright Int. Focus 5 ETF IFV http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/ifv.htm
Dow Jones Global Yield ETF GYLD http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/gyld.htm
Dow Jones Hedged Int. Real Estate ETF DBRE http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dbre.htm
Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF DIA http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dia.htm
Dow Jones-UBS Aluminum Total Return Sub-Index ETN JJU http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/jju.htm
Dow Jones-UBS Cocoa Total Return Sub-Index ETN NIB http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/nib.htm
Dow Jones-UBS Coffee ETN JO http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/jo.htm
Dow Jones-UBS Commodity Index TR ETN DJP http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/djp.htm
Dow Jones-UBS Cotton Total Return Sub-Index ETN BAL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/bal.htm
Dow Jones-UBS Lead Total Return Sub-Index LD http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/ld.htm
Dow Jones-UBS Precious Metals Total Return Sub-Index ETN JJP http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/jjp.htm
Dow Jones-UBS Softs Total Return Sub-Index ETN JJS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/jjs.htm
Dow Jones-UBS Sugar Subindex Total Return ETN SGG http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/sgg.htm
Dow Jones-UBS Tin Total Return Sub-Index ETN JJT http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/jjt.htm
Dreyfus Brazilian Real Fund BZF http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/bzf.htm
Dreyfus Chinese Yuan Fund CYB http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/cyb.htm
Dreyfus Commodity Currency Fund CCX http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/ccx.htm
Dreyfus Emerging Currency Fund CEW http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/cew.htm
Dreyfus Indian Rupee Fund ICN http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/icn.htm
DWA Basic Materials Momentum PYZ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/pyz.htm
DWA Consumer Cyclicals Momentum PEZ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/pez.htm
DWA Consumer Staples Momentum PSL http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/psl.htm
DWA Developed Market Technical Leaders Portfolio PIZ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/piz.htm
DWA Emerging Market Technical Leaders Portfolio PIE http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/pie.htm
DWA Energy Momentum PXI http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/pxi.htm
DWA Financial Momentum PFI http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/pfi.htm
DWA Healthcare Momentum PTH http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/pth.htm
DWA SmallCap Technical Leaders Portfolio DWAS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/dwas.htm
DWA Technical Leaders Portfolio PDP http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/pdp.htm
DWA Technology Momentum PTF http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/ptf.htm
DWA Utilities Momentum PUI http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/pui.htm
Dynamic Biotech &Genome PBE http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/pbe.htm
Dynamic Build & Construction PKB http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/pkb.htm
Dynamic Energy E&P PXE http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/pxe.htm
Dynamic Food & Beverage PBJ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/pbj.htm
Dynamic LargeCap Growth PWB http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/pwb.htm
Dynamic LargeCap Value PWV http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/pwv.htm
Dynamic Leisure & Entertainment Portfolio PEJ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/pej.htm
Dynamic Media PBS http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/pbs.htm
Dynamic Networking PXQ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/pxq.htm
Dynamic Oil Services PXJ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/pxj.htm
Dynamic Pharmaceuticals PJP http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/pjp.htm
Dynamic Retail PMR http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/pmr.htm
Dynamic Semiconductors PSI http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/psi.htm
Dynamic Software PSJ http://www.dogsofthedow.com/etf/psj.htm
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