Dogs of the Dow - Original Dow 30

Original Dow 30

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Original Dow 30
on 10/1/1928
Allied-Signal (Allied Chemical)
Primerica (American Can)
American Smelting
American Sugar
American Brands (American Tobacco B)
Atlantic Refining
Bethlehem Steel
General Electric
General Motors
General Railway Signal
Navistar International (International Harvester)
Inco Limited (International Nickel)
Mack Trucks
Nash Kelvinator (Nash Motors)
North American
Paramount Publix
General Foods (Postum Inc.)
Radio Corp.
Exxon (Standard Oil New Jersey)
Texaco (Texas Corp.)
Texas Gulf Sulpher
Union Carbide
USX (U.S. Steel)
Victor Talking Machine
CBS (Westinghouse Electric)
Wright Aeronautical