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The following table lists the ten highest dividend yield Dow stocks as of the most recent close. For your convenience, the table also identifies the five stocks (out of these ten highest dividend yielders) that have the lowest stock price. For more information on exactly what it takes for a stock to become one of the Dogs of the Dow or Small Dogs of the Dow, be sure to check out Dog Steps. FYI -- to get a stock quote/profile with stock chart (including the stock's average year chart) on any stock listed in the following table, simply click on its stock symbol. Also, you can quickly get the same detailed charts and data on any US traded stock, simply type in the company name (e.g. General Electric, Microsoft, Apple, etc.) or company stock symbol (e.g. GE, MSFT, AAPL, etc.) in the search box located near the top right corner of any page.
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Symbol Company Price Yield Small Dog
NYSE / NASDAQ The Dow stocks ranked by yield on 9/4/18 on 9/4/18 on 9/4/18 on 9/4/18
VZ Verizon 53.19 4.44% Yes
IBM International Business Machines 145.68 4.31% No
XOM ExxonMobil 80.29 4.09% No
GE General Electric 12.67 3.79% Yes
CVX Chevron 118.87 3.77% No
KO Coca-Cola 44.76 3.49% Yes
PG Procter & Gamble 82.70 3.47% No
PFE Pfizer 41.37 3.29% Yes
MRK Merck 67.95 2.83% No
CSCO Cisco Systems 47.73 2.77% Yes
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