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Stock Market Timing  

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Timing the market is big business and many companies and individuals claim to have developed profitable techniques for stock market timing (i.e. when to buy and sell stocks to make the highest return). Stock market timing is about figuring out when and how to "buy low and sell high." To effectively pursue a strategy of stock market timing an investor must spend a great deal of time watching and analyzing the market and the economy. Stock market timing is typically accomplished by following a combination of stock market indicators: sentiment, valuation, technical, economic, etc.

Stock market timing is an approach that is used by investors with varying time horizons. From day traders who buy and sell stocks daily, hourly, and by the minute to long-term investors trying to maximize returns. Stock market timing is inherently risky, as it requires that an investor correctly time both the buy and then the sell in order to accomplish a profitable trade. Stock market timing is the opposite of the buy and hold strategy. Stock market timing requires research into the vast array of potential stock market indicators. Chart of the Day is a great source for stock market indicators and research.

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